Path of the Shaman

Path of the Shaman is a popular manga written by 愛のチカラで恋をするのだ . The story is translated to English and covers Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Historical, Martial Arts genres. releases the latest English translated chapters of Path of the Shaman and can be read for free.


If the Grim Reaper calls your name three times, you will be taken to the underworld.

"Hyeokyeon Mugang."
"Hyeokyeon Mugang."
"Hyeokyeon Mu..."

You little shit! I want to live longer! Get out of here!

I desperately swallowed the Herb of Immortality, and to my surprise, I actually lived! When I finally opened my eyes, thinking it was all a dream... I was surrounded by a bunch of old guys?! I asked where am, and—the Shamans' Mountain?!!!!!!!!

Somehow, I possessed the body of a pitiful errand boy... this is nuts!

I... I am... I am the strongest of the strong, the head of the Sa Clan, Hyeokyeon Mugang!!! Why am I now part of a clan of Shamans?!

Well, since I'm here, I might as well become the best disciple I can. The trashy master's ruthless, no-holds-barred, immortal martial arts story "Path of the Shaman" begins!