Skill Unparalleled

Skill Unparalleled is a popular manga written by Lejiang Wenhua . The story is translated to English and covers Drama, Martial Arts, Sports genres. releases the latest English translated chapters of Skill Unparalleled and can be read for free.


The Tianwu Boxing Hall in Haicheng City is the branch of the world's largest boxing gym. In order to earn money for the treatment of the righteous girl, Su Chen came to Tianwu Boxing Hall to go sparring. Because of his outstanding learning ability and strong comprehension, Su Chen became the “gold medal training” of the boxing gym. However, the splendid performance of Su Chen attracted the jealousy of the leader Wang Tingwei. He made Su Chen into a dangerous situation. Su Chen, who was involved in it, not only wants to live, but also takes this opportunity to make a career.