The Pawn's Revenge

The Pawn's Revenge is a popular manga written by Evy . The story is translated to English and covers Mature, Psychological, Yaoi genres. releases the latest English translated chapters of The Pawn's Revenge and can be read for free.


As a male prostitute in the slums, Je-oh is at the bottom of the social hierarchy. A pawn among pawns. Sure, he's tried to break away, but each attempt has only left him with more wounds.

Until one day, he gets a serial killer who kidnaps him along with his pimp. The killer, Seong-rok, is on a mission for his lover, a former prostitute plotting to turn the tables. Why he rescued Je-oh is unclear, but a slick-talking manwhore was definitely not part of anyone's plan. Regardless, Je-oh is no ordinary pawn.

Now that he has entered the game, he will use every trick up his sleeve—or in his pants—to get revenge.