Wakadanna ni Goyoujin

Wakadanna ni Goyoujin is a popular manga written by Anonymous. The story is translated to English and covers Yaoi genres. readmanga.app releases the latest English translated chapters of Wakadanna ni Goyoujin and can be read for free.


The publishing house told the freelance writer, Shouji Tatsuru, “If you can get an exclusive on one of the resorts that rejected the “Young Master Special” interview, you can be our contractual employee.” That’s how Tatsuru met the third generation of Harebare House, Kuga Nanami. Nanami challenged Tatsuru to work as a free labor in the resort for a month before he agreed to have the interview. Tatsuru accepted and thus began his busy life. Did sparks fly between them or it’s actually love at first sight?