Damn Demonic Swords

Damn Demonic Swords is a popular manga written by solmong . The story is translated to English and covers Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy genres. readmanga.app releases the latest English translated chapters of Damn Demonic Swords and can be read for free.


Zegar is a hero who avoids problems at all costs. The only thing he fears are demonic swords, evil weapons that try to possess their wielders. But for some reason, they don't stop chasing him and sticking to him.



Zegar just wanted to live a quiet life, doing small missions and staying out of trouble. But, unintentionally, he becomes the center of several events that shake the fantastic continent.



“Ah… Damn.”



He regrets it, but it's too late. If he can't run away, he only has one option: cut his enemies with demonic swords!