God-Slaying Copycat

God-Slaying Copycat is a popular manga written by Amane Megumi . The story is translated to English and covers Action, Adventure, Fantasy genres. readmanga.app releases the latest English translated chapters of God-Slaying Copycat and can be read for free.


"If it’s to protect someone close to me… then I’d even kill a god."



Half a century ago, Dungeons, Monsters, as well as people who had received special abilities commonly referred to as [Skills] appeared. Those people were referred to as Adventurers and challenged dungeons in search of dreams and riches.



Kisaragi Tsukasa is one of these adventurers. However, he has received an inferior skill and was often treated as trash. One day, he was tricked by his peers and was thrown into a dangerous dungeon.



What awaited him at the other end was the Mythical monster, the God-Eater Fenrir. In despair over the overwhelming power difference, Tsukasa was prepared to die. That was when the master of the dungeon, Loki, appeared before him.



“Welcome to my castle.”



Thanks to Loki, Tsukasa’s skill evolved to become [Copycat]... A unique boy-meets-girl story woven into a modern battle fantasy is about to begin!